Red-Lored Amazon Parrot: Bird Species Profile

Red-lored Amazon parrots are exceptional and also lovely birds prized for their appeal and cleverness. One of one of the most prominent pet dog parrots, they possess funny personalities, and also many have a fabulous speaking capability, which contributes to their charm. This species is actually recognized for having a naughty streak or even educated well, thus consider being a disciplinarian with this bird.

Types Overview
POPULAR NAMES: Scarlet-lored Amazon, Red-fronted Amazon, Golden-cheeked Amazon

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Amazona autumnalis with three subspecies: Salvini Amazon (A.a. salvini), diademed Amazon (Amazona autumnalis diadema), lilacine or even Ecuadorian red-lored (A.a. lilacina).

ADULT SIZE: 13 to 14 ins.

LIFE EXPECTANCY: Up to 80 years.

Source and History

The red-lored Amazon parrot is actually native to Mexico, Central America, and South America. Their primary array is from far eastern Mexico to Ecuador, though there are a couple of groups in core Brazil.

They delight in nesting in plant tooth cavities of the exotic woodlands and also usually tend to live in small groups. In some locations, individual advancement as well as capturing for the pet profession have actually jeopardized these Amazons.

This species was first kept in mind in 1758 by Swedish zoologist Carl Linnaeus, maker of the modern-day nomenclature body. There are a couple of subspecies of the red-lored Amazon parrot, which appear the exact same along with distinctions in measurements.


Red-lored Amazons are intelligent, charismatic birds that such as to be along with their proprietors in addition to other birds. They connect rapidly to individual loved one, and also some usually tend to select their favored people and also end up being loyal, one-person birds.

These birds are incredibly proficient talkers as well as singers. Amazons, typically, are rather vocal birds that take pleasure in engaging along with you vocally. Potential managers ought to likewise realize that all Amazons can easily yell and most often do. Expect a 10-minute wake-up telephone call at dawn and also sundown every time if you adopt one.

Like a lot of parrots, these birds can be threatening and attack otherwise correctly qualified. They are known for having a mischievous touch and might utilize their beaks to “specialty” their caretakers. Defend against them chewing out electrical cables (a major hazard) and also various other points around your home.

Speech as well as Vocalizations

Like the majority of Amazon parrots, red-lored Amazons have a distinguished capacity to mimic individual speech. They might build a tiny lexicon of words. They can easily imitate laughing, tones, and alarms, which are typically the first traits they find out and also repeat.

Red-Lored Amazon Colors and also Markings

The red-lored Amazon possesses mainly stunning environment-friendly plumes. There are actually also touches of red on the wings, as well as some birds have yellow or orange on their cheeks.

Red-lored Amazons are a monomorphic types, an expensive means of mentioning that the males and also girls counterpart. If you appear closely at their eyes, guys possess golden eyes, and ladies have brown ones. Also after that, it is hard to inform both genders apart without a DNA sexing examination.

Taking care of the Red-Lored Amazon

At a minimum, a cage for a red-lored Amazon need to be three-foot square. Play gyms can supply a retreat for your Amazon where it can be away coming from its own crate as well as seen as a protected branch.

Red-lored Amazons possess an image for being noisy. Potential managers should maintain this in thoughts if they are sensitive to bangs or possess close neighbors. While training can easily help inhibit unwanted vocalisms, you can anticipate to cope with some shouting.

Common Health Problems

Amazon.coms are prone to microbial, viral, as well as fungus diseases like psittacosis and also aspergillosis. Birds that carry out not obtain enough mental stimulation and also physical exercise are at risk to the self-mutilating behavior of feather plucking.

If not supplied a well-thought-out diet, red-lored Amazons possess a history of building fatty liver disease. Indications of this health condition consist of a distended breast or stomach, sleepiness, anorexia nervosa, trouble breathing, and diarrhea.

Diet plan and Nutrition

In the wild, red-lored Amazons eat seeds, fruit, berries, nuts, weeds, blooms as well as environment-friendlies. An Amazon’s diet plan must comprise mainly of top quality pellets and the occasional well-balanced seed like flaxseed, dairy thistle seed, or even hemp hearts.

A supplement of leafy greens, root veggies, periodic grains, as well as almond treats are going to complete a balanced diet regimen for an Amazon. To promote your cooking opportunity as well as save some money, prep a large batch of a supplemental blend of grains as well as veggies or “dice.”.

Deal dice or fresh veggies and fruits daily. It ought to comprise at least twenty per-cent of the bird’s diet regimen. Food items should not be entrusted to hang around in your bird’s crate. Any type of new foods items or even mashes that you put in your Amazon’s crate ought to be taken away when nourishing time mores than.


Amazon.coms are energetic parrots. Deliver Amazon parrots plenty of toys, featuring ladders to climb up, ropes, as well as swings to branch on.

These birds need tough playthings to eat as well as hold. Chewing helps them exercise their jaws and also aids along with the eroding as well as pet grooming of their effective beaks.

Eating on wood and natural leather toys is an outlet for their impulse of digging for caterpillars in decomposing hardwood as well as pulling on skin strips to eat or increasing a nest hole. Providing a lot of appropriately-sized toys are going to likely inhibit a considerable amount of excess, possibly harmful behavior around your house.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Red-Lored Amazon

Breeders sell red-lored Amazons in the array of $1,000 to $3,000. Savings, adoption associations, as well as dog breeders where you can locate red-lored Amazon parrots consist of:.

  • Use a Pet
  • Bird Breeders
  • Burge Bird Rescue

Red-lored Amazon parrots are actually exceptional and lovely birds appreciated for their beauty and intellect. Amazons, in general, are instead vocal birds that take pleasure in communicating with you vocally. Like the majority of Amazon parrots, red-lored Amazons have a distinguished ability to resemble individual speech.

At a lowest, a cage for a red-lored Amazon should be actually three-foot square. Savings, adopting companies, and dog breeders where you can easily discover red-lored Amazon parrots consist of:.

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