Amazon’s Green-Cheeked (Mexican Red-Crowned) Parrot

Engaging as well as amusing, green-cheeked Amazon parrots can help make outstanding family pets for the right proprietors. Understood as the Mexican red-headed parrot, they are actually smart, caring, as well as fun, and some discover to become great talkers. These birds have a mild character contrasted to other Amazons. Much more than just about anything, they want to neighbor you or even their individual group.

Species Overview
USUAL NAMES: Green-cheeked Amazon, red-crowned Amazon, Mexican red-headed parrot, red-headed Amazon

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Amazona viridigenalis

GROWNUP SIZE: 11 to 13 ins with a wingspan of 15 to 16 ins

LIFE SPAN: 50 years along with suitable treatment, and also often just as long as 70 years

Origin as well as History

Northeastern Mexico is the green-cheeked Amazon’s organic habitat. The birds primarily live in the woodlands and also lowland forests of the area. Social animals, their flocks can increase to greater than 100 birds. You may typically listen to a group is nearby before you can easily see it; it helps make loud telephone calls while in air travel.

In bush, the green-cheeked is a risked species along with merely 3,000 and also 6,000 left. Its own populace decline schedules mostly to prohibited holding for the pet trade as well as habitation damage. This types also stays in city regions of southern California, as well as savage flocks exist in Florida, Texas, as well as Puerto Rico.


Sweet and also lively, hand-fed green-cheeked Amazon parrots are actually good family pet dogs that appreciate connecting along with every person. When they devote opportunity with their handlers, they are mild-mannered as well as show up material. They might join you while watching television or at the dinner table and are supporters of dealing with as well as stroking.

Curious and also prying, they are prone to mischief-making greater than a few other Amazon varieties. They might eat electric wires around our home. When out of the cage, Supervision and also positive diversions are required.

While green-cheeked Amazons are known as funny, kindhearted birds, some may experience a hormonal bluffing phase as they go through adolescence. This time period can last for approximately 2 years; the birds might end up being a little unstable in the course of this moment. Bear with; it will certainly pass.

Green-cheeked Amazons are not as individual or feisty as other Amazons, yet they will possess their seconds of intending to be actually laid off. Indications to expect consist of the bird’s feathers fanning out and also “blazing eye” constricting pupils.

Highly intelligent, they may swiftly discover amusing bird secrets, as well as words and terms. They are likewise quite raucous.

Speech as well as Vocalizations

It is actually in the bird’s nature to phone out to its own flock at those times. Lots of green-cheeked Amazons can end up being excellent talkers with consistent training.

Green-Cheeked Amazon Parrot Colors and Markings

Green-cheeked Amazons are predominantly dark green with a bright red blaze that crosses their beak and temple. There is a patch of great blue behind their eyes that routes down the neck in some people. The bottoms of the rear feathers are actually lime greenish or even yellow. They possess flesh-colored legs and also horn-colored beaks.

It is actually nearly inconceivable to identify males from women. You could observe that a man is slightly bigger and also that the blue and red mends on its skin are a lot more notable if you may receive 2 side-by-side. That said, the only way to make sure of the sexual activity of the birds is through DNA or operative sexing.

Caring for a Green-Cheeked Amazon Parrot

Social interaction is needed for any Amazon parrot; the green-cheeked is no different. Birds that don’t receive sufficient dealing with and love can build destructive behaviors and also end up being clinically depressed. Emotional hardship can bring about self-mutilation in the form of plume plucking as well as skin layer selecting.

Unlike various other family pets, parrots need to have individually communication for a handful of hrs every day. This activity always keeps the bird well-balanced and pleased in bondage, and it sets up a strong, rewarding connect for the proprietor and also bird.

As a medium-sized parrot, the green-cheeked Amazon demands a sizable cage. They love to climb up and also should possess area to flex their airfoils while within. The minimal size is 2 feet by 3 feet as well as around 3 or 5 feet tall; the additional room you can provide, the better.

Inside the cage, position the bird’s branches at different elevations and give step ladders as well as a range of toys. At the very least as soon as a full week, your bird is going to appreciate a bath to aid maintain its own plumes coming from drying out.

A parrot is actually a costly pet. It is not only the preliminary cost of the bird, but likewise think about cage expense, toys, food, as well as annual brows through to the bird animal medical practitioner. The expenses can build up promptly.

Common Health Problems

Most parrots that are worried will feather-pluck out of dullness or even absence of communication. Insufficient diet plan, toxic visibilities, and contaminations can easily likewise induce plume plucking.

Generally, Amazons are prone to microbial, virus-like, as well as fungus infections like psittacosis and aspergillosis. This varieties will end up being overweight and also can easily cultivate fatty liver illness if it performs not obtain sufficient physical exercise or if it does not have a well-balanced diet regimen.

Diet and Nutrition

Pelleted food is actually uniquely created to contain most of the bird’s daily dietary criteria; make it 75 percent of your bird’s day-to-day food items intake. You may provide more or even less depending on your bird’s hunger.

Chopped veggies and fruit deliver a stimulating, assorted mix of nutrients. This “cut” ought to make up a minimum of twenty per-cent of the bird’s diet regimen. These birds are understood to become lavish along with clean foods items, which is a routine they have actually acquired from staying in bush.

They are going to select a fruit product, take a couple of nibbles, after that drop it to the ground. This bad habit can easily develop a major clutter in the crate. Food items must certainly not be actually delegated to stay in your bird’s enclosure. Any type of new foods that you place in your Amazon’s cage need to be actually removed after a hr or two.

Occasionally or even spun every other day, you can easily deliver a seed mix or even handle the bird to a handful of almonds. Many Amazons really love nuts and also seeds, however this is a high-fat food items to provide moderately.

Physical exercise

Given that Amazon parrots are prone to weight problems, you must be sure your bird receives 3 to 4 hours of everyday exercise. This permits the bird to get rid of excess calories and flex its own muscular tissues. It additionally delivers essential psychological stimulation.

These birds are actually especially playful, so they will certainly thrive on a schedule of tasks. Training is an enjoyable technique to socialize along with all of them.

Out of the cage, a play stand will let your bird delight in the family members’s activities from a secure post. This branch can additionally prevent naughty habits, particularly if it possesses playthings that are actually much more interesting than the many things around your residence.

Green-cheeked Amazons adore to eat as long as they appreciate climbing up. Area playthings at different elevations in the cage and also at the play stand. When you supply an interesting play gym environment, the bird can easily entertain itself. Turn playthings regularly as well as change any that come to be as well worn. Possessing a prepared source of timber, leather-made, rope, bells, and various other bird-safe toys lowers the threat of dullness.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Green-Cheeked Amazon Parrot

To make sure that a green-cheeked Amazon is the best bird for your loved ones, visit a local breeder. Observe as well as socialize along with the birds to read more concerning their personality prior to making a final decision.

When picking a bird, it is most ideal to decide on a hand-fed child or even at minimum a young bird familiarized to hand instruction. Steer clear of a bird that is actually resting silently with puffy plumes; it might be actually ill.

While green-cheeked Amazons are recognized as funny, affable birds, some might go through a hormone bluffing phase as they go by means of teenage years. It is not only the initial expense of the bird, however also element in cage expense, toys, food, as well as annual visits to the avian animal medical practitioner. Pelleted food is specifically produced to have many of the bird’s regular nutritional demands; make it 75 per-cent of your bird’s regular meals consumption.

Due to the fact that Amazon parrots are susceptible to weight problems, you must produce sure your bird obtains 3 to 4 hrs of regular workout. When picking a bird, it is best to decide on a hand-fed infant or at minimum a young bird accustomed to hand training.

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